I always approach my work with a great deal of responsibility, I value my time and efforts. But it takes the efforts of both the photographer and the client to get the succesful results at the end of our cooperation.

Therefore I urge you to read my recommendations for outfit selection and preparation for our shooting day together.

🤍 Comfort

Choose clothes that fit your size, keep you mobile and are confortable for you. As sometimes during the photo session you might need to open up to a stranger, you sure don’t want to find yourself thinking at this very same time that your dress is too tight for you and your child’s sweater is terribly prickly, do you?

🤍 The outfits harmony

If we are talking about a family photo shoot, make sure that the clothes of all its participants match in style and are in harmony with each other and with the chosen location. It is highly desirable that theshades of clothes of all family members complemented each other.

🤍 Color

It is better to choose plain clothes without any inscriptions, big logos and colorful large drawings. Therwise they will draw attention away from the most important thing — you and your emotions. The same thing happens with the things that are too bright. Prefer calm and gentle shades for the shotoshoot. Pastel colors go well with each other. Things with a small unobtrusive print look beautiful in the shot, too. I also ask you to refuse using boiling white things and saturated black ones. It’s better to give preference to the milky and gray shades.  

🤍 Footwear

Properly selected shoes should complete your look. Do not neglect this point. For men you should think about socks that match in color, which will definitely be visible in sitting posture.  

🤍 Texture and layering

Layering in clothes always looks interesting and stylish. Cardigans, jackets, jackets, scarves, shirts, vests — the choice is huge. Many beautiful looks can be created with simple things. And again, this is conveniet. If you feel cold or hot during the photo session, it’s easy to fix. 

Among the different types of fabric try choosing the natural ones that are pleasant to the touch: cotton, linen, viscose, silk, lace. The more textured is the thing, the more interesting it will look.

🤍 Details

Do not forget about your manicure and appropriate makeup. When booking a lifestyle family shoot, if it is possible, I kindly ask you to refuse from flashy colors for your manicure and makeup (for example, red lipstick). It is better to give preference to the nude shades. 

🤍 Consult your photographer

If you need an advice or any help, it’s best to address all the questions to your photographer. You can and should send photos of the clothes you have chosen and coordinate all the looks together. I am always happy to help my clients with a selection of their outfits for our photo session. So please don’t ever hesitate to contact me.

If you do not follow my recommendations, then you take responsibility for the fact that the final photos may differ from those that you see in my portfolio, since the harmony of the chosen looks and outfits is one of the important components of a successful photo shoot.  

What to Wear to your Photoshoot. Tatiana Malysheva — photographer and videographer
What to Wear to your Photoshoot. Tatiana Malysheva — photographer and videographer